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Stake 2 – 16 Dog Open  A.V.(Ex Cocker)  Mon 27th November 2023

Minterne Estate – Dorset

By kind permission of Lord Henry Digby

Keeper & Steward of the Beat: Paul Marsh

Judges: Margaret Cox (A3130) & Alice Wise (B3368)

1stJeremy DaviesESS BCudannsa Skye of Dolbrenin
2ndSimon JonesESS DBucklawren Bonus
3rd & Guns ChoiceNicki HunterESS DChurail Challenge of Pursely
4th Mike |HoskinsESS BHollydrive Nina of Halwinryston
COMSJohn CookESS BEastbourne Lass

John CookESS DSyncerus Savon of Flintwood

Jonathan NightingaleESS DLeahanie Zeus

Dave HodgsonESS DSaxonvale Sam

Thank you to the Judges and all the helper`s, also to the Guns, who shot very well for the Spaniels. An exciting 3 dog run off between Simon Jones, Jeremy Davies, and Nicki Hunter, all the dogs hunted well, a difficult decision for the Judges. There were lots of pheasants to test the Spaniels steadiness on making a challenging Field Trial. Well done to all the competitors the ground was quite wet and boggy in place, so everyone did well to manage to stay upright! Much appreciation to Skinners Dog Food and Gamekeepers Goods for their generous sponsorship. Congratulation to Jeremy Davies who will be judging at the 2024 Cocker Championships.

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