2021 Test Results

Novice Cold Game Test – Sunday 5th September 2021

At Hursley Park , Hampshire

1stHoward FelthamPenwills Fawn ESS Bitch
2ndHelen SmithRam Bramble CS Dog
3rdKaren FleetMisselchalke Speyburn CS Dog
4thKim BarnesRookmarsh Cardu of Mooncourt
COMJulie EtheringtonCentrewalk Salsa CS Bitch
COMPaul MorrisWoodleyoak Adventurer ESS Dog
Best Hunting DogSimon HudsonShillingains Wilfred CS Dog

Thank you to Judges Paddy Williams and Andy Faulkner for giving up their sunny Sunday to judge the Spaniels through cool Woodland comprising of Ferns, Bracken and Bramble. There was a Full card of competitors with some featuring in the awards for their 1st or 2nd Test, it was rewarding to see new faces enjoying the day. Thank you to Steward Ray Titchener also Test Secretary`s Ian Stevens and Lara Sorisi and to all the Helpers who managed to make the day run smoothly. Congratulations to all in the awards and thank you to all participants for a great days sport.

Spring Test – Sunday 6thJune 2021

At Ashmore, Dorset

Puppy – Judge: Lara Sorisi

1stJulie EtheringtonWiltonsprings Penmarick
2ndJohn WaiteMetilawa Lady Vesta
3rdSimon HudsonShillingains Wilfred
4thPenny CoxCreccamarsh Curlew
COMCharlotte BallardKenxtwen Drizzle
COMKaren FleetHigherend Secret
COMAndrew FlemingRydrew Double Delight

Laura Byrne

Amelia Garrett
Lowallin Whirlwind

Edgegrove Arty
Julie Etherington

Novice – Judges: Simon Blackman (A3409) and Shane Leigh (NP)

1stAdrian BundyPoppelight Delius
2ndSimon HudsonShillingains Wilfred
3rdMatt BlakeSpringmoore Shelby
4thIan StevensBryarpoynt Sorrel
COMChris ReesCarreg Rosehip
COMMatt BlakeSpringmoore Skylark
COMJan VivianBishwell Mother of Dragons
COMHoward FelthamPenwillis Fawn
COMEmma LaytonSir Gar Humbolt
COMDawn BrownGarneddisaf Tecwyn
Adrian Bundy

Open – Judges: Simon Blackman (A3409) and Shane Leigh (NP)

1stNeil TurnerLynchside Harpy Eagle
2ndNeil TurnerPeacock Girl of Lynchside
3rdAdrian BundyPopplelight Detroit
4thAndrew FlemingCentrewalk Onys
COMKaren AndersonMisslechalke Quantum Quail
COMKaren AndersonMisslechalke Mamba
COMIan StevensTruebexiver Berecynthia
COMJulie EtheringtonCentrewalk Salsa
COMPhil BrownGardneddisaf Rhian
Neil Turner

Thank you to judges Simon Blackman, Shane Leigh and Lara Sorisi, the Committee and all the helpers who ensured that the DWSC Spring Test ran smoothly.

Special thanks to Geoff Spencer, the Keeper at Ashcombe for allowing us to use his ground. The spaniels were able to show off their hunting and retrieving paces in this beautiful Dorset woodland which consisted mostly of bracken and ferns.