2011 Test Results

Spring Working Test

Held at Hamptworth

Sunday 15th May 2011


Puppy Judge – Mrs Anita Jones

1stEpiscopi BulletC DMrs A Jones
2ndPrickleshaw JetC DMrs J North
3rdLioness of LanacreC BMr P Ransome
4thMaural Jack the LadC DMr T Davies
COMRoerise HoneycombC DMr S Roe
COMHuckleswood HazelESS BMr M Ings
COMEpiscopi NymphC BMiss T Poole
COMHigherend SikaC DMrs J Lee

Novice Test

1stMisselchalk GlowflyC BMr M Lydford
2ndStokewood NellieESS BMr P Poore
3rdGolden Caramel KestrelC BMr T Pascoe
4thWarrior FlashC DMs Julie Godden
COMCimitarra Tallulas GoldC BMr P Ransome
COMEpiscopi WispC BMrs A Jones
COMAlfinmarsh Jays JusticeESS BMrs T McDowell
COMAuclum TwiteESS BMr D A Yeates

Open Test

1stBuccleugh GemESS BMr C Green
2ndEpiscopi EnvyC BMrs A Jones
3rdGatekeeper FortuneESS BMr P Amor
4thMisselchalke ActivateESS DMrs L Levett
COMMeadowsedge MarauderC DMiss K Thompson
COMBishwell Bonnie of ConholthillC BMr C Green
COMAlfinmarsh Jays JusticeESS BMrs T McDowell
COMMaesydderwen SimmerC BMr N Cooke
COMAlfinmarsh Jays JusticeESS BMrs T McDowell