2012 Test Results

Summer Water Test

Held on the Stourhead Estate
By kind permission of Mr N Hoare
Sunday 24th June 2012

Judges Mrs M Cox (3130) Mr S Jones (2807)

Novice Test

1st Kendici Salsa Flair Mrs D Smith
2nd Randalyn Black Bumble Mrs L Randall
3rd Woodington Awesome Mrs J Shorey
4th Countyways Pixie Wand Mr S Blake
COM Timsgarry Rufford Mr M Brandon
COM Huckleswood Ash Mr M Ings
COM Nunney Cormac Mr P Amor
novice water test winners 2012
Novice Award Winners and Judges

Open Test

1st Buccleuch Gem Mr C Green
2nd Gatekeeper Libby of Copperspring Ms H Clarke
3rd Swanway Sydney Mrs L Levet
4th Golden Caramel Kestrel Mr T Pascoe
open water test winners 2012
Open Award Winners and Judges

Spring Working Test

Held at Warmwell

Sunday 15th April 2012


Puppy Judge – Mrs Anita Jones

1st Cimitarra Tallula’s Tempest C B Mr P Ransome
2nd Nunney Cadwaldr C D Mrs J Thompson
3rd Dunbrigg Jester ESS D Mrs S Blake
4th Jeffiners Gin Daisy C B Mrs J Weston
COM Cranogview Micky C D Mr M Esterling

Novice Test

Novice Judges – Mr M Leflay, Mr K Barraclough

1st Misselchalke Chancy C B Mrs W Halley
2nd Stokewood Nellie ESS B Mr P Poore
3rd Conholthill Jean Genie ESS B Mr G Cairns
4th Huckleswood Ash ESS D Mr M Ings
COM Priorsmeadow Judy of Conholthill C B Mr C Green
COM Kenine Sweet Vanilla ESS B Mr G Branton

Open Test

Open Judges – Mr M Leflay, Mr K Barraclough

1st Gatekeeper Meg of Centrewalk ESS B Mr R Preest
2nd Centrewalk Moonshell C B Mr R Preest
3rd Buccleugh Gem ESS B Mr C Green
4th Misselchalke Glowfly C B Mr M Lydford
COM Centrewalk Roberto C D Mr P Dicks
COM Misselchalke Activate ESS D Mrs L Levett
COM Huckleswood Hazel ESS B Mr M Ings
Richard Preest receiving his award
from our host Mr H Ross Skinner
Photographs courtesy of pets’n’pictures