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Autumn Test

A.V. Spaniel Gundog Working Test

Hursley Park Estate Nr Romsey

Sunday 17th Sept 2023

Novice non K.C. Judges Ray Titchener & Mr Steve Brankin

1st &- Best Hunting SpanielMartin AshmanBreckmarsh Kala – WC B
2ndIan StevensBucklawren Linnet – ESS B
3rdHollie LouseLillywalter Lady Pippa – WC B
COMDel BowerThistlecrack Diamond – WC B
COMStacie EllardEevaspeodar Pegg – WC B
COMMartin AshmanBreckmarsh King – ESS D
1st &
Best Hunting 
Martin AshmanRiver Ash – ESS D
2ndDamien FitchettBeesfit Ash – ESS D
3rdDel BowerThistlecrack Diamond of Briersgem – WC B
COMPaul MattQuick Flash Jennifer – ESS B
COMGrace ShelleyPerija Rhintulloch Behag of Lillywater – WC B
COMIan AdamsonWhipwinders Ebble Flo- WC B
COMMartin AshmanBreckmarsh Twist – WC B
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